18-Dec-17 Link Market Services - Change of Brisbane address

18-Dec-17 Botswana Drilling in Progress

24-Nov-17 Appointment of Chairman

21-Nov-17 Results of Annual General Meeting

21-Nov-17 Annual General Meeting Presentation

21-Nov-17 Annual General Meeting

17-Nov-17 Final Director's Interest Notice

17-Nov-17 Retirement of Chairman

31-Oct-17 Appendix 3B

31-Oct-17 Cashflow Report

31-Oct-17 Activities Report

30-Oct-17 Yilgarn Lithium Project Update: Drill Program

30-Oct-17 Botswana Update: RAB drill program to commence  

17-Oct-17 Appendix 3B

16-Oct-17 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form

12-Oct-17 Appendix 3B

05-Oct-17 Appendix 3B

29-Sept-17  Appendix 4G

29-Sept-17  Annual Report to Shareholders

20-Sept-17 Appendix 3B

18-Sept-17  Release of Securities from Escrow

08-Sept-17 Botswana Update: Sampling Program Commenced

04-Sept-17 Nevada Projects Update

01-Sept-17 Release of Securities from Escrow

28-Aug-17 Appendix 3B

15-Aug-17 Appendix 3B

31-July-17 Quarterly Cashflow Report

31-July-17 Quarterly Activities Report

28-July-17 New Hard Rock Lithium Exploration License Applications

26-July-17 Release of Securities from Escrow

11-July-17 Botswana Update: SRK Review and Sampling Program

10-July-17 Tonopah Lithium Project: Update

03-July-17 Appendix 3B

20-June-17 Grant of WA Licences: Hard Rock Lithium Opportunity

13-June-17 Nevada Exploration to Commence

02-June-17 Appendix 3B

19-May-17 Release of Securities from Escrow

09-May-17 Company Presentation

09-May-17 SRK Consulting (U.S.), Inc. appointed for Technical Review of Nevada Projects

28-April-17 Quarterly Cashflow Report

28-April-17 Quarterly Activities Report

10-April-17 Withholding of Tax Payment on US Property Interests