The license is located in the northern part of the ALPP within the Nauela Pegmatite Field. The license area is largely underlain by granitic gneisses from the Culicui Suite. Other rock types within the area include amphibolite, mafic gneisses, and various biotite gneisses from the Mocuba complex. Three pegmatite clusters are known within the large license area: Guilherme, Malapa, and Muetia. Two of these have been identified as having workings over them through satellite imagery interpretation. Only a small number of features representing possible workings can be interpreted in the area of the Muetia cluster. The pegmatites are described as belonging to the sodalithic class (which corresponds to the LCT family of pegmatites).

  • License area: 17,670 ha
  • No. Licenses: 1

  • Li3 Ownership: 100%
  • License 9188 L